Example AM12:

2c 1868 “SF 1A”, RPD-001(KF-1-RPD), 18-North XF40 a very nice chocolate brown deuce with no major distractions and excellent eye appeal.

1868 SF 1A is the name for this variety from the Kliman Two Cent book. RPD-001 and KF-1-RPD are the variety names from the two books by Flynn on 2c pieces. It has the digits 18 in the date repunched to the North.

This variety is known by these diagnostics.

Date position description.
Center of the ball is over the right side of the 8.
The top of the 8 is closest to the ball.
The bottoms of the 1 and the last 8 are equal distances from the top of the denticles.

Other diagnostics: The top of the 18 are clearly repunched North seen over their tops.
There is a dot at the upper left of G in GOD. A diagonal die line runs from the mid U to the lower left serif of the S in TRUST. A slightly curved die scratch is in the field just above the denticles at about 4:30.

The reverse has the top serif of the D missing.
Other diagnostics: A die scratch crosses the tip of the wheat kernel left of C(ENT).

Die Stage:
In a Mid-Late Die Stage with these cracks just forming. An obverse crack from the top of the last 8 to the ball. An reverse crack goes diagonal from the rim left of A, to the top of the A, out the right side, and to the right base of the M. Other die cracks form in later stages.

Scarcity: The repunched date is very desireable and the variety has proven hard to find making it a scarce coin.

General comments: This is an opportunity to get an example of a 1868 SF 1A variety with the repunched date.

Many enjoy collecting the varieties of other series and the collecting of “Deuces” – Two Cent Pieces by variety is now becoming a field of study that may be of interest to the collector wanting a little bit extra.

Footnote: Kliman book refers to “The Two Cent Piece And Varieties, by Myron M. Kliman”, Published by Kliman, 1977. RPD-001 and KF-1-RPD numbers come from The Authoritative Reference On Two Cent Coins by Kevin Flynn, 2011.