Example AM01:

2c 1871 “-h” VG10 with dark brown fields and remarkably all of the shield lines are separated, both the horizontals and verticals. There is a slight obverse rim bump at about 10:30 above the (I)N. Has a nice overall appearance.



Date position almost matches that of Obv.1 in the Kliman book, but it is not the same obverse die.
Center of the ball is right of the center of the 8.
The top of the 8 is closest to the ball.
The bottom of the last 1 is closer to the top of the denticles than the first 1.

The top left serif of the first 1 appears to be repunched North slightly.
There is a die chip in the field just under the lower right outside of the shield up in a lower corner. It is just below the space between the 5th and 6th vertical sets of stripes.

The reverse has the top serif of the D in a very light outline.
No cracks are seen around the legend.
No other notable characteristics seen on this example.

Die Stage:
Appears to be in a Mid to Late Die Stage with almost all the denticles on both sides gone.
A different example of this same variety in a higher grade shows obv denticle crumbling from about 7-10:00 which you can imagine are there on this example.

Scarcity: Three to four examples have been found by the collector during 30 years of looking, that puts this variety into the very scarce to rare range. In another couple decades if only similar amounts are found then the variety is a rarity.

General comments: This is an opportunity to get an example of a 1871 variety that may be years between finding another for sale. Many enjoy collecting the varieties of other series and the collecting of “Deuces” – Two Cent Pieces by variety is now becoming a field of study that may be of interest to the collector wanting a little bit extra.

Footnote: Kliman book refers to “The Two Cent Piece And Varieties, by Myron M. Kliman”, Published by Kliman, 1977.