Example AM02:

2c 1868 “-ae” XF40 has very nice brown color and some pretty blue highlights when tilted in the light.

Date is pretty well centered vertically between the ball and the top of the denticles.
Center of the ball is over the space between the 86 slightly closer to the 8.
The top of the 8 is closest to the ball.
The bottom of the last 8 is slightly closer to the top of the denticles than the first 1.

Other diagnostics: There is a nearly vertical die line from the bottom of the shield to the top of the first 8 just left of the ball.

The reverse has the top serif of the D in a very light outline.
Other diagnostics: There are cracks from: the left stem end to the top of the U; from the denticles left of the U to the tops of UNIT; from the middle of the right top serif of the T to near the tops of ED.
No other notable characteristics seen on this example.

Die Stage:
In a Mid Die Stage with just the reverse cracks as described and none seen on the obverse.
Scarcity: Just 3 examples have been identified by the collector during 35 years of looking, that puts this variety into the very scarce to rare range.

General comments: This has proven to be a fairly rare variety and finding another one should be considered an accomplishment.

Many enjoy collecting the varieties of other series and the collecting of “Deuces” – Two Cent Pieces by variety is now becoming a field of study that may be of interest to the collector wanting a little bit extra.