1868 2C “-n” VG10 cleaned, obv ret cud above UST


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1868 2C “-n” VG10 cleaned, that has a obverse retained cud above UST. The cleaning has left a few scattered hairlines but overall the coins appearance is quite acceptable.

1868-n is the current name for this variety which is known by these diagnostics.

Date position description.
Center of the ball is just right of the center of the space between the 8 and 6.
The top of the 8 is closest to the ball.
The bottom of the last 8 is closer to the top of the denticles than the bottom of the first 1.

Other diagnostics: The date is described as being recut 868 but that is not visible on this example.

The reverse has the top serif of the D is missing.
Other diagnostics:
No other notable characteristics seen on this example.

Die Stage:
In a Late Die Stage with the obverse retained cud over UST clear. A few other cracks described for this variety around the lower leaves and arrow feathers on each side of the shield are not readily visible.
The reverse die crack through the bases of STATES OF AMERICA is faint but detectable. Other lower reverse cracks described for this variety are not clear on this example.

Scarcity: Only a handful of examples have been found by the collector during 30+ years of looking. That puts this variety into the very scarce range. With the neat obverse retained cud above the banner this should be a highly desirable coin to add to anyone’s collection.

General comments: There are very few 1868 retained cud varieties known and this variety has been proven hard to find, especially in higher grades.

Many enjoy collecting the varieties of other series and the collecting of “Deuces” – Two Cent Pieces by variety is now becoming a field of study that may be of interest to the collector wanting a little bit extra.