1865 Plain 5 2C “SF 19P” VF20, KF-13P-CLOR


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1865 Plain 5 2C “SF 19P” VF20, KF-13P-CLOR the central clashmarks can be seen on this coin in person, but I was unable to get them to show in my pictures.

1865 Plain 5, SF 19P is the name we are using for this already published variety from the Two Cent Book by Kliman(see footnote). KF-P13-CLOR is a variety in Flynn’s Two Cents Worth book that features the strong clashing in the center of both sides. On the obverse an inverted 2 can be seen behind the vertical shield lines and on the reverse an inverted shield can be seen behind the 2 CENTS with the lower ball of the shield below CENTS but inside the wreath. This variety has these diagnostics;

Date position is level and a high.
Center of the ball is just left of the left edge of the 6.
The top of the 6 is closer to the ball than the 8.
The bottoms of the 1 and the 5 are equal distance to the top of the denticles.

Other diagnostics:

Under the KF-P13-CLOR listing they note repunching above the bottom of the 65 but it is not visible on this coin. A few die scratches are described for this variety but none of them are clear on this coin.


The top left serif of the D has a strong outline showing. A die scratch from the right side of the F to the wreath below is described for this variety but not visible on this example.

Die Stage:
In a Mid to Late Die Stage with a few cracks present as described.

Obverse: Crack from rim to wreath at about 7:30. A few other peripheral cracks are described but not clear on this coin. Crack thru the tops of IN G.

Reverse: Die cracks thru bases of ATES and ERI to the middle of the C. In a later die stage some other cracks form through other letters.

Scarcity: This variety is available in several die states and different grade levels. It was written up in two reference books, Kliman and Flynn, mainly featuring the strong central clashmarks.


Footnote: Kliman book refers to “The Two Cent Piece And Varieties, by Myron M. Kliman”, Published by Kliman, 1977. The reason the variety begins with the SF stands for Sam Freeman who’s collection was the basis for the varieties described in this book. In the Acknowledgements Kliman writes, “Primarily responsible for this work was Mr. S.W. Freeman of Newport, Ark., whose original research collection and notes were tendered to me for the express purpose of bringing out this work.”


RPD-00# and KF-##-RPD numbers come from The Authoritative Reference On Two Cent Coins by Kevin Flynn, 2011.