2c 1865 Fancy 5 MS64RD PCGS(OGH) FS-1301(002.5)


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2c 1865 Fancy 5 MS64RD PCGS(OGH) FS-1301(002.5) but the variety is not listed on the holder. The 18 is very dramatically repunched to the NW and there are signs of repunching inside and around the 65. Besides the Cherrypicker’s variety number this also is listed as KF-F2-TPD, FL65F-1o1r, and KL2. This example has blasting luster with gorgeous red color and just a little browning in the fields both sides. Only a few small spots can be found and two very light left and upper obverse field scratches probably kept it from the gem grade. Also on this variety the reverse is sometimes rotated clockwise a little as on this example which is in an Early to Mid Die Stage with lots of die lines but the few cracks described in the books showing. The D has no serif and on the left obverse rim at about 9:00 are two strong die gouges protruding from the denticles as desribed by Leone.
I can’t say enough about how great a coin this is!

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