1965 – 1996-S SMS & PR (34x)Kennedy Halves w/76S Slv, 79S-Ty.2, and 81S-Ty.2


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1965 – 1996-S SMS & PR (34x)Kennedy Halves with the 1976-S 40% Silver, 1979S-Type 2 S – Clear S, and the 1981S-Type 2 S – Clear S, Flat. The 1965, 1966, and 1967 are the Special Mint Set(SMS) issues while all the others from 1968-S through the 1996-S are Proofs. All the coins are very nice problem free examples. The 1981S-Type 2 S is the key date in this set and the coin is in a Kointain to protect it. Other details of note are that the 1966 has a Doubled Die Obverse, the 1969-S is variety 1-R-II doubled die reverse, the 1971-S has a cameo obverse but non-cameo reverse, and the 1976-S 40% Silver has some peripheral toning. All the proofs from 1977-S onward are Deep Cameos (DCAM).