1865 Plain 5 2C, SF 15M2, DDO-004-different reverse AU50


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1865 Plain 5 2C, SF 15M2, DDO-004-different reverse AU50. This Doubled Die Obverse (DDO) variety shows best on the ST, right side of the shield, and the leaves, berries, and arrows in that area. Diagnostics include a repunched 5 above the middle, a short die line on the banner to the lower right of TRUST, reverse die lines across the top of the wreath, and another diagonally through the base of F. There is an obverse crack horizontally through the ball above the date, a crack at tops of ST, arrowhead, banner then to rim at about 3:00. There is a radial reverse crack through the right ribbon end into the wreath. Included with this coin are pictures of these details. This nice AU coin has some obverse spots and areas of weak details but great eye appeal overall. This a very interesting DDO variety.