1865 Plain 5 2C, KF-P16a-RPD, XF45 dark obverse


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1865 Plain 5 2C, KF-P16a-RPD(-010, 1st rev.), XF45 dark obverse with some areas displaying remaining luster. The reverse is mostly medium brown with the dark brown of the obverse in two areas, around STAT and from the lower 2 to the wreath to the left of CEN. The repunched date shows the tops of 186 to the North but is minor. The obverse crack below and left of the date is strong while the reverse cracks through some of the letters in USA are light. There is no upper serif on the D of UNITED. There is light surface roughness in some areas that is visible under magnification. In hand this coin is very attractive and many would grade it as an AU.