1797 1C 96REVPLEDG F12 PCGS(OGH) – Pre-CAC


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1797 1C 96REVPLEDG F12 PCGS(OGH) – Pre-CAC. The “Pre-CAC” – means it was bought before CAC existed, pre-2007, so has not been sent in to see if it gets a CAC sticker. It was hard for me to get pictures with accurate color, so I apologize that the pictures are not as good as I strive for. The auction description for this coin really sums it up well: “Dark olive and brown, with some scattered surface porosity noted on both sides. A small flaw runs down vertically from Liberty’s eye into her face”. This is S-120a, R.4. The reverse is rotated counterclockwise to ~ 11:30.